Imagine a little girl playing in the garden. Crouched down, the sun on her back, studying bugs, leaves and the glint of the light on pebbles. Or, imagine a little girl in her room, folding paper into tiny tables and chairs (for some reason), creating a world, no idea of what time of day it is, deaf to the calls of ‘lunch’ or ‘dinner’. Totally absorbed.

As a child, I spent hours lost in these kind of creative projects, unconcerned with judgment or outcome. This state, where time and constraints disappeared, was where the Jamabuck lived.

The Jamabuck was a creature I made up, kind of like a dragon-griffin, a magical cat-owl-dragon-fox-rabbit. It appeared in the realm of imagination and flow. When all my passions were aligned and I could create without border or barrier.

When I was dreaming about setting up my own agency the Jamabuck kept coming back to me. I wanted to capture this sense of child-like absorption, as a reminder – to my self as much as anything – to approach creativity with openness and wonder.

But, finding ‘flow state’ or being ‘in the zone’ feels like such a privileged state of mind. According to studies it occurs during

  • Intense focus
  • Absence of distraction
  • And the disappearance of self-consciousness

To name just three conditions. Finding a space void of distraction and self-consciousness seems a tall order.

And what about when it comes to working in a team? Being ‘in the zone’ seems such an individual activity. Like a lone artist in their studio, losing track of time as they focus solely on their creation.

My dream for a studio has always been for a team working together, creating more than individuals could alone.

So I set about considering what the conditions would be for a team to thrive – for a team to experience the spirit of the Jamabuck. And here’s what I came up with. (Well, I probably didn't come up with it, most likely I stole it from somewhere.)

Passion, skills and purpose. If only 'skills' began with a 'P'...

Conditions for a team to thrive

To create an environment where a team can experience the spirit of the Jamabuck, where creativity flows freely and collaboration flourishes, I want to ensure three key conditions are present: Skills, Passion, and Purpose.


Continual development and mastery

The first condition is the continual development and honing of skills. In a thriving team, each member is on a journey of growth and mastery. This isn't just about being good at what they do; it's about striving to be better. When team members are engaged in developing their skills, they bring a level of expertise and enthusiasm to their work that is infectious. It creates an environment where learning is ongoing, challenges are embraced, and excellence is the norm. Each success and failure is viewed as a stepping stone, an opportunity to refine and enhance their abilities.


Joy and eagerness in the work

Passion is the fuel that drives creativity. It's the spark that ignites innovation and the glue that binds a team together in pursuit of a common goal. When team members are passionate about what they do, their work doesn't feel like a chore; it's a part of who they are. This passion manifests in a genuine eagerness to contribute, an excitement to explore new ideas, and a resilience to keep going even when the going gets tough. A team passionate about their work will find joy in the process, making the journey as rewarding as the destination.


Meaningful work that has impact

Finally, purpose is what gives work its significance. It's the 'why' behind what we do. When a team's work is grounded in a meaningful purpose, it transcends the boundaries of mere tasks and projects. It becomes a mission, a collective endeavour that resonates with each team member. This sense of purpose fosters a deep commitment and a strong sense of belonging. It's not just about meeting deadlines or achieving targets; it's about contributing to something larger than oneself. Purpose unites the team, giving their creativity a direction and their efforts a sense of fulfilment.

In an environment where skills are continuously developed, passion is nurtured, and purpose is clear, a team can truly thrive.

In an environment where skills are continuously developed, passion is nurtured, and purpose is clear, a team can truly thrive. It's in this fertile ground that the spirit of the Jamabuck can take root and flourish, transforming individual efforts into a symphony of collaborative creativity. This is where the magic happens – where a team doesn't just work together; they grow, enjoy, and create something meaningful together.

Why purpose-driven organisations

The desire to make a meaningful impact is at the heart of our choice to engage exclusively with mission-oriented organisations.

We want to use our skill and passions to make a real difference. We want clients who say people over profit! Who care more about the future of our planet than keeping shareholders happy.


So that’s why the Jamabuck is our name and mascot. Purpose is written into the DNA of what we do. Committed to capturing this creative essence in every project we undertake.

As we embrace the spirit of the Jamabuck, we invite you to be a part of this magical journey. Whether you're a creative soul seeking an environment where your skills can flourish, a passionate individual eager to make a tangible difference, or an organisation driven by a meaningful mission, we're here to collaborate, create, and transform visions into reality.